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165 Pages

Copyright 1999

1-10 Condition: 8

Includes library and winky face stickers


"These are the recipes of Marlboro Country, gathered from the meeting places, camps, and celebrations of that timeless land.

This cooks' tour starts in Towns, where Hot Cinnamon Rolls, Chicken Fried Steak, and Chili are the specials, every day. And hotel dining rooms serve up local history, alongside every meal.

Out on the Trails, the menus change to choices like Wild Berry Buckle. Whiskey Steak. And Crusty Corn Trout. All coming from recipes mostly memorized, and carefully handed down. 

Cooks come into their own in Special Times—with Blue Ribbon recipes, Fourth of July feasts, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals worth a year's wait...even an all-out party, called a Fandangle." (Inside cover)