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222 Pages

Copyright 1990

1-10 Condition: 7

Includes library and winky face stickers


"James Dean was the most intense actor and human being I've ever met. People either loved him or hated him. He could eliminate the terms like or dislike or he's o.k. I never heard them uttered in reference to Jimmy. His idols ere Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando. He said he had Clift in his lowered left hand saying, "Please forgive me," and Brando in his raised right hand saying, "Go fuck yourself, " and James Dean was somewhere in the middle." (Introduction, pg 9) 


"The photographs in this book are reproduced from the original negatives housed in the Warner Bros. Archives at the University of Souther California's School of Cinema-Television. Of the thousands of still photographs taken of Dean during the making of his three starring films, only a limited number were printed and used by the studio for publicity and advertising purposes. The rest lay undisturbed for over three decades until the importance of these images was discovered. But as important as these photographs are, they are made more so by the inclusion of the day-to-day production documents that accompany them." (Foreword, pg 5)

JAMES DEAN Behind the Scene