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Art Direction, Writing, Layout, Illustration

BURNT Magazine

KCPR Cal Poly Radio goes much beyond broadcast.  A handful of us teamed up to create a print feature that combines and displays the multi-dimensional talent of the KCPR staff and local community; I did the layout, art direction, and threw in an article and some illustrations, "Left to My Own Devices". From concept to press, we collaborated with world-renowned artists, local bands, Cal Poly’s Mustang Media Group and many more to fashion a sophisticated 20-page newsprint magazine with a (very) tight budget, a resistant journalism department, and a non-paid and stressed-out production team of students. There was no option of getting burnt out in getting BURNT out; this was certainly a passion project. 

So why the name? There is a legendary ad in KCPR history that ran in the mid-80s—a dog with its head, well, blown off from standing too close to a speaker (known as "Burnt Dog"). This was a direct reference to the RCA "His Master's Voice" dog, but a different version of course. 

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